Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a Shop On the Road mobile boutique at a juried art fair? Don't they require white tents?

Generally yes, you can use the mobile boutique at an art fair. Many juried art fairs require tents to be white, but they don't actually require exhibitors to use tents. Please read more here.

2. How do you get the Shop On the Road mobile boutique off of the trailer and set down on the ground? How do you return it to the trailer for transport?

The best way is usually to use the jack lift system. Please watch the setup demonstration video here, and read a description here.

3. How do you secure the mobile boutique booth onto the trailer?

We provide retractable, ratcheting tie downs. They're easy to use, and strong enough to secure much larger loads than our mobile boutiques.

4. How can you maneuver the mobile boutique booth into a really tight space? For example, if you arrive at an event, and neighbors are already set up on both sides of your 10'x10' booth space, how can you get your booth into place?

There are a few ways to maneuver the booth into the open space, when neighboring exhibitors are already set up on both sides. We'll post a video demonstration soon, because it's easier to show than tell in this case. In the meantime, though, here's a written explanation: the easiest way requires no extra equipment. You unhitch the trailer/booth directly in front of the open space. Then you boost the booth up on the jacks and remove the trailer. You roll the trailer back underneath the booth at a perpendicular angle, from the front (door side) of the booth. Then you can lower the booth onto the trailer, roll it back into the space, extend the jacks to elevate the booth, remove the trailer, and finish setup as shown in this video.

5. What's the price for a Shop On the Road mobile boutique?

Each mobile boutique is made to order, with customized features, dimensions, etc. Thus, the price can vary widely. However, we offer two basic packages for $8.5k and $10k. Please read here for more details.

6. What are the exterior dimensions price of a Shop On the Road mobile boutique?

You can order your mobile boutique built to customized dimensions. We can build it at nearly any length you want, but, we offer basic packages at 8 ft long and 10 ft long (more details here). In terms of depth - the distance from the front door to the back wall - the standard measurement is approx. 7.5 feet deep.  Any depth greater than 8 feet would prevent safe and legal handling on the road.

Please note that we can create custom display solutions to temporarily extend the footprint dimensions in any direction, beyond the regular measurements of the booth. For example, if we build your mobile boutique booth foundation to a standard, road-legal and safe 7.5 foot depth, we can extend your temporary display depth to 10 feet or more by adding an awning, porch, ramp, hinged wall extensions, etc.

Please read here for more details about dimensions and options.