Mobile Boutique Question: How do you get the Shop On the Road mobile boutique down from the trailer

Updated: May 7, 2019

Mobile boutique on the ground
Mobile boutique on the ground

Mobile boutique on the trailer
Mobile boutique on the trailer

Most people see my mobile boutique either positioned up on top of the trailer for travel, or set down on the ground. Far fewer people see the brief transition between the two positions.

Thus, a common and obvious question is: "How do you get the mobile boutique booth off of the trailer, lower it to the ground, and later put it back up on the trailer again?" My silliest response is that I spend a lot of time in the gym so I can lift it....very carefully.  

The real answer, though, is that the Shop On the Road team created a system of lift jacks to raise up the mobile boutique booth off the trailer and lower it down. The jacks are mounted on the four corners. Here's a pic:

Shop On the Road offers a system of lift jacks, mounted on the four corners, to lift the mobile boutique off of its trailer, set it down onto the ground, and later raise it up onto the trailer again

The lift jacks on my mobile boutique (the prototype) are easily manageable, but we're about to upgrade them. We're offering an improved jack lift system, with an electric control option, for future mobile boutiques that we build.

In the meantime, though, here's how it works: I crank all four jacks in one direction to raise the booth up a few inches, then I roll the trailer out from underneath. Then I crank the jacks in the other direction and lower the booth all the way to the ground. After the event, I reverse the process to return the booth back to the top of the trailer.

The lift jack system offers another very important function, also: I use the corner jacks for leveling, to adjust for uneven ground. Thus I can offer a completely level floor to my visitors. This is a great safety feature, not only a convenience. Few other outdoor exhibitors can match the safety of my Shop On the Road mobile boutique booth floor. Neither fashion trucks nor typical art show tents can be easily leveled.

In fact, when I participated in an outdoor art fair earlier this month, I noticed that all of the tents were set up on sloping ground, along the edge of the street. The slope presents some challenges to safe, easy strolling. In addition, the pavement had plenty of inconsistencies, cracks, etc. To make matters even worse, most art show visitors aren't looking at the ground in front of them as they stroll into an artist's tent. They are appropriately--if somewhat hazardously--looking at the art displayed inside. Typical outdoor art fair environments often create a likelihood of trips, stumbles and falls. I'm very glad that my Shop On the Road mobile boutique, by contrast, offers a completely level, even, stable ground for the safety of all visitors.

The mobile boutique jack lift system is thus extremely helpful for transitioning from the trailer to the ground, and also for safety during the event.

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