Our Mobile Boutiques Featured in Handmade Business Magazine

Handmade Business magazine is publishing a column this June featuring the Lost & Forged mobile boutique, which is the prototype of the Shop On the Road product.

The Lost & Forged mobile boutique won the Best in Show award for innovative booth design, among thousands of exhibitors at the NY NOW Winter Market last month. 

Here's a quote from the article:

I first met Douglas Heifetz this past February at NY NOW, the largest wholesale gift fair in the country. This sprawling show is famous for its many gorgeous, elaborately designed exhibitor booths. Walking the aisles is a sensory thrill. Amidst all the glitz, Doug's booth for Lost & Forged, his handcrafted metal-ware business, appeared surprisingly different.

First of all, his booth was clearly built, rather than staged. It had three rugged walls, a roof with skylight window vents, and even a short ramp that allowed easy access to the wooden floor, which was about six inches higher than the show floor...

Doug told me he envisioned [the mobile boutique] as a way to easily transport, display and sell his products anywhere, at outdoor fairs, pop-up shows and even indoor events. How ingenious! And so practical in today's tumultuous climate where so many outdoor shows are devastated by fierce wind and rain. Believe me, this far sturdier than any tent no matter how well it is tethered.

Click on the image below to read the whole article.

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