Tight squeeze between booth neighbors? No problem!

Art fair artists and other vendors ask me all the time: when using the mobile boutique at a show or marketplace, do you have to arrive early for setup? What if your neighbors are already set up on either side? Can you squeeze the mobile boutique in between the booths? It doesn't look like the trailer will fit!

The basic answer is that you don't have to show up early. If your booth neighbors are already set up on both sides of your empty booth space, you can maneuver your booth into place easily. You won't even bump into their booths/tents at all! Your artisan pottery and glasswork neighbors will be especially relieved :)

It will require an extra step or two. I did it twice recently at show, and it added on about 5 minutes extra to setup and takedown. Here's what you do: unhitch the trailer/booth directly in front of the open space. Then you boost the booth up on the jacks and remove the trailer. You roll the trailer back underneath the booth at a perpendicular angle, from the front (door side) of the booth. Then you can lower the booth onto the trailer, roll it back into the space, extend the jacks to elevate the booth, remove the trailer, and finish setup as shown in this video.

I plan to create a video soon, showing how it works. In the meantime, here are a few still pics:

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